Mario Filippi Pr Eng Pr CPM MSAICE

Mario is the Chief Operations Officer of the company.

He obtained his BEng (Civil) degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1992 and his BEng (Hons) (Water) in 1997 at the University of Pretoria.

He started his career at Aurecon as Design Engineer for the period 1994 to 1997, joined Lyners Adams Partnership in 1997 and has been with Neil Lyners and Associates since its inception in March 1999.

Mario has been a shareholder of the company since 2001. He is a Professional Registered Civil Engineer, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Registered Construction Project Manager, a member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering and a member of the Water Institute of Southern Africa. Mario completed numerous projects as Technical Director for both private and public sector clients. His area of experience and expertise includes the planning, master plan development, conceptual design, design, tender documentation, procurement and management of contracts of a wide variety of engineering projects. He was also responsible for various civil engineering projects for the petroleum industry which include the double bottom construction for above-ground storage tanks, earth-fill and concrete bunded areas, various product pipelines and studies.

Mario was also the Lyners Director responsible for the coveted L’Ormarins Hydro Power Project which won the 2017 CESA AON Engineering Excellence award for projects with a value between R50 million and R250 million.