• Municipal Infrastructure for residential, commercial and industrial developments
  • Roads (urban & rural)
  • Storm Water Management Systems
  • Bulk Infrastructure:
    ˃ Sewer catchment evaluations, investigation reports, network analysis and master planning
    ˃ Water source analysis, storage, pump stations, supply, network analysis and master planning
    ˃ Purification Plants (water & waste water) – including structural engineering
    ˃ Pumping Stations (water & sewage) – including structural engineering
    ˃ Rising Mains (water & sewage)
    ˃ Reservoirs and elevated tanks (including structural engineering)
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Hydrology
  • Housing Development, including Basic Services
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Sports Facilities including pavilions, athletic tracks, soccer, other playing fields and courts, swimming pools, halls, club facilities, etc
  • Community facilities such as clinics, schools, community halls, hospitals, etc
  • Repair and Maintenance Projects (RAMP)